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Sati Duo (France)


Rick The Cube is born of a chicken! Imagine the shock. Out of the hen house, manu militari, here is our Rick gone on an adventure in a fascinating world: he will discover the world, or rather a world, the one invented and set to music by the Sati duo. Marrying different animation techniques ("stop motion", 3D creation), the duo takes us to their imaginary and colorful country: bird flights, forests, rivers, but also a worrying factory. square eggs ... We follow step by step this silent character with tiny legs, carried by the music in turn disturbing, joyful and intoxicating. An animated film without words but not without soul, a fabulous road movie that will delight the youngest and the greatest.

Cinema-concert/Audio-visual road movie
For children 5 years and older


Rick Le Cube

Since the first performance of “The Odyssey of Rick the Cube” at the Marmaille Festival and the Electroni(k) Festival in October 2009, and the roads since travelled, the SATI team and the public have grown attached to Rick, this simple, smiling, cubic egg. On the road that led them to more than 200 representations, Erwan, Jesse and Jacques-Yves composed the basis for the new adventures of their favourite character. Rick the Cube takes us on board this time for a journey and a quest into climate.

Through this audio-visual concert/road-trip, SATI’s team enchant the public with their acoustic and electronic music, their sound effects and their technology. The artists and their public find themselves in the same “bubble” where imagination and reality are mixed together. It’s a performance that evokes sensations and emotions.


Cube In China

2016 China Tour

July 02, 2016      Suzhou Culture & Arts Center, Suzhou

July 03, 2016      Minnan Grand Theater, Xiamen

July 09, 2016      Beijing Concert Hall, Beijing

July 10, 2016      Nanjing Arts Center, Nanjing

July 12, 2016      Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou

July 13, 2016      Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou

July 16, 2016      Xi'an Concert Hall, Xi'an

July 17, 2016      403 International Arts Center, Wuhan (2 shows)

2017 China Tour

May 27, 2017       Fuling Grand Theater, Chongqing

May 28, 2017      Guotai Arts Center, Chongqing

May 30, 2017      Ningbo Culture Center, Ningbo

Jun 01, 2017       Cangjiang Theater, Xiamen

Jun 02, 2017       Shenzhen Concert Hall, Shenzhen

Jun 03, 2017       Shenzhen Concert Hall, Shenzhen

Jun 05, 2017       Hangzhou Grand Theater, Hangzhou

Jun 06, 2017       Daguan Stage, Shanghai (2 shows)

Jun 07, 2017       Young Arts Center, Changsha (2 shows)

Jun 09, 2017       Inside-out Theater, Beijing (2 shows)

2019 China Tour

Update soon...

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