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Out-reaching Program

Boundless Communication With Chinese People

China market is huge, dynamic, upgrading and full of potential. HermarkClassical promotes western artists not only confining within the theatre stage, but creating a bigger platform for the artist as cultural and social trend leaders in every aspect of possibilities, and love to embrace the social effects, thoughts and changes that artists could share with people. By this way, foreign artists could get to know China market and its culture deeper as well.  

Every year we program with local organizations, media and educational channels all over China. Besides Performance, masterclasses, flash road shows, public talks, interviews, exchanging activities, TV shows, commercial events for local artists are widely orchestrated in each city.  These are all about the brand building strategy for the artists, and we always create new possibilities for potential collaborations to keep our artists come to China continuously.  

Via omnipotent Wechat, Webo and Tiktok,  we also organize online talks, online workshops for our artists, followers could spread over 10+ groups, reaching over 5,000 on the internet for each online event. 

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