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Quatuor Leonis   (France)

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Engaged in an innovative artistic approach, the Leonis Quartet's musicians (founded in 2004) bring the string quartet's rich heritage to the world of theater, dance, literature, electronic music, jazz and song. with bold projects. Faithful to tradition, they interpret the most beautiful pages of the composers of their time, but eager to expand their artistic field, they participate in various projects combining musical creation, setting space and electronic device in real time.   Since 2008, the Leonis Quartet collaborates with the playwright and director Olivier Py. Together, they work on the creation of Orestie d'Eschyle and Adagio (Mitterrand, the secret and death) shows, as well as on reading concerts such as Les Tragédiennes from Saint-John Perse.   Associate artist of the House of Culture of Nevers and Nièvre during the 2012 season, the Leonis Quartet meets the director Manu Kroupit with whom he creates a show mixing the worlds of the Quartet and Philippe Genty: Total Eclisse.   The Leonis Quartet continues to expand its boundaries to enrich its art and reach new audiences. He takes another look at the score to create a new sound material with the director, the dancer or the storyteller. He rethinks the position of the music on stage, its role of interpreter and its relationship with the public.

Leonis Quartet In China

Total Eclisse 2018 Tour

July 15, 2018    Beijing Concert Hall, Beijing

July 18, 2018    Yan'an Grand Theater, Yan'an

July 10, 2018    Jurong Grand Theater, Zhenjiang

July 22, 2018    Qintai Concet Hall, Wuhan

July 27, 2018     Jingshan Theater, Shenzhen

July 28, 2018     Minan Grand Theater, Xiamen

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