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Monaco Boys Choir &

The Choir of Monaco Cathedral


Founded in 1974 as a part of Monaco Cathedral Choir, and placed under the High Patronage H.S.H. Prince Albert II, Monaco Boys Choir contribute to showcase the Principality’s historic association with culture and the performing arts.

The first known traces of a vocal group with children’s voices date back in the XVIIIth century, to the reign of Prince Antoine 1st. This group, whose mission was to ensure the execution of liturgies at the Palatine Chapel, may be considered as the ancestor of the future “Choir of the Monaco Cathedral”.

The "Monaco Boy's Choir" are celebrated worldwide ; the "Choir of the Cathedral" has a century old reputation. Culture benefits from their meeting, whereby the sacred and profane complement each other and harmonize with the poetry, the generosity and the melodious singing proper to any young child, as my Father used to say.

The activities of these little ambassadors of Monaco deserve all of my support, and I commend them for their commitment and their career. Their merit is praiseworthy and so is the enthusiasm they show under the guidance of Mr Pierre Debat, himself gifted with the same passion as that of his parents.

Monaco Boys Choir In China

July 08, 2016    The Fobbiden City Concert Hall, Beijing

July 10, 2016    Tsing Hua Concert Hall, Beijing

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