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Nederlands Blazers Ensemble  (Holland)

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Driven by shared enthusiasm and a sense of adventure, the musicians who make up the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE) pursue their own brand of musical theatre, which resists easy pigeonholing. NBE plays music of all times, genres and cultural backgrounds, as long as it stimulates the senses and stirs up the imagination.

On stage, the ensemble is known for its tireless energy and mischievous sense of fun. And through the years, countless musicians, composers, poets, writers, actors, dancers, directors, designers and artists from all corners of the globe have found each other through the NBE’s pioneering, pan-cultural productions.

There is a natural connection between the NBE and youths, students, amateurs and young composers. Their educational programme reaches from introducing children to music and collaborations with local amateur music societies to coaching promising young talent at the highest level.

NBE In China

Dec 09, 2018      Binhai Cultural Center, Tianjin

Dec 10, 2018      Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Beijing

Dec 12, 2018      Shandong Grand Theatre, Jinan

Dec 14, 2018      Suzhou Culture & Arts Center, Suzhou

Dec 15, 2018      Shanghai Concert Hall, Shanghai

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