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Quatuor Beat   (France)

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BEAT: The beat ....... "The main foundation of" pulsed "music and origin of musical emotion. " The Beat Quartet is a musical ensemble composed of four percussionists and created in 2003 by Gabriel Benlolo, Laurent Fraiche, Jerome Guicherd and Aurelien Carsalade, students at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris in the chamber music class of László Hadady.

After winning a Chamber Music Prize unanimously with the jury's congratulations at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris in 2005, the Beat Quartet won the second prize in the Gaetano Zinetti (it) 2 competition in 2006. Verona (Italy) 3 and in 2007 the Spedidam prize, as well as the public prize at the European Alsace d'Illzach4. The ensemble then creates its first shows with the director Pierre-Jean Carrus: The show, in 2007, Kromoritmos, in 20125, then CHUUUT, in 20126,7 with director Daniel Tanson8, and, in 2018, Drumblebee9 , 10, for which he won the YAMawards11 audience award the same year, Junge Ohren12 and the Best Artistic Achievement Award at YEAH13 in 2013. The Quartet publishes its first album in 2009, Opus 114, and the DVD of his show "Kromoritlmos" in 2015. The four percussionists meet the composer Guillaume Connesson in 2013, who writes especially for Ensemble Kythère15, concerto for percussion quartet and orchestra. The creation of this work with the Orchester national de Lille under the direction of Alexandre Bloch16 dedicates Guillaume Connesson to Victoires de la musique in 2015, where he is awarded the prize for the best composition17. The Beat Quartet performs at the Théâtre du Châtelet, the Marigny Theater18, the Philharmonie Luxembourg, the Konzerthaus Berlin, the Kennedy Center in Washington, the Grand Théâtre de Suzhou and plays with orchestras such as the Orchester National de Lille, Bordeaux , from Montpellier or Dusseldorf (de) in Germany. The Beat Quartet plays on Bergerault19 instruments and Sabian cymbals. The ensemble is in 2019 in residence at the Léo Delibes conservatory in Clichy.

Quatuor Beat In China

July 31, 2015    Workshop            Hong Kong City Hall, HK  

Aug 01, 2015    Dumblebee         Hong Kong City Hall, HK

Aug 02, 2015    Dumblebee         Sha Tin Town Hall, HK

Aug 09, 2015    Dumblebee         Xinghe Friendship Theater, Shenyang

Aug 13, 2015    Workshop            Suzhou Culture Arts Center, Suzhou

Aug 14, 2015    Dumblebee         Suzhou Culture Arts Center, Suzhou

Aug 15, 2015    Workshop            Shanghai Children Arts Center, Shanghai

Aug 15, 2015    Dumblebee          Shanghai Children Arts Center, Shanghai

Aug 16, 2015    Bumblebee          Shanghai Children Arts Center, Shanghai

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