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Founded in 2007, the Twitching Eye Trio is a feast for the eyes and an experience for the ear. With a great sense of detail, the percussionists Achim Heine, Jasper Goedman and Marijn Korff de Gidts combine their knowledge of contemporary music with the rhythms and timbre of African, Turkish, Indian and Afro-Cuban origin. This results in a very unique music world in which abstract structures and warm-blooded dance rhythms reach out and influence each other.


With their interlocking rhythm patterns, the trio paves a way that leads through the most diverse sounds, from tranquil to pulsating, from complex to transparent. They are not finished yet, because the three have rich musical experience to share with each other in subsequent productions.

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Twitching Eye Trio   (Holland)

Twitching Eye Trio  In China

Aug 27, 2016    Shenzhen Concert Hall, Shenzhen

Aug 28, 2016    403 Interntional Arts Center, Wuhan

Sep 02, 2016     Inside-Out Theater, Beijing

Sep 03, 2016     Inside-Out Theater, Beijing

Sep 04, 2016     Dalian Theater, Dalian

Sep 10, 2016     Shanghai Children Arts Center, Shanghai

Sep 11, 2016     Shanghai Children Arts Center, Shanghai

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