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Terje Isungset: a pioneer in ice music since 1999.

Isungset is a drummer & composer, and have since the late 1980’s combined natural
elements in his music through use of wood, stones, metal, mouth harps, rams horns, drums etc.

In 1999 Terje was commissioned to make a concert to be held in a frozen waterfall at Lillehammer, Norway. A composition for trumpet, vocals, nature percussion and ice instruments. He also did his ice music for the Ice Hotel in Sweden, as a part of the worldwide live New Year TV show in 2000.

The Worlds first ice music CD ever “Iceman Is”, was recorded at Ice Hotel Sweden in 2001. Terje continued his work with the beauty of ice, and founded All Ice Records in 2005 for his upcoming releases ( The same year Isungset got the idea of starting an ice music festival. The first Ice music festival in the history took place at Geilo-Norway by first full moon in 2006 (

In 2007 the first ice music tour ever of in total 33 concerts went to Japan, Norway and Spitsbergen.

9 ice music albums have been released, hundreds of concerts in many countries and continents have been held. Some highlights are The Nobel Gala in 2017, the 200 years celebration of Norway in 2014, concert at the very top of the Greenland cap in cooperation with 30 climate scientists in 2018.

Terje Isungset has developed his own musical universe by using pure frozen water.

This is the beauty of ice.

«The first and only ice musician» (CNN).

«First person» (Financial Times).

Upcoming China Tours

We are happy to announce that Hermark has signed a three-year exclusive contract with The Ice Music for their upcoming 2019-2021 promotion in China. 

Ice Music’s first China tour in 2019 will feature around 12 cities, including concerts invited by the Shanghai International Arts Festival.  

Touring schedule and further touring information will be updated on our main page. 

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