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Chapi Chapo & les petites

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Chapi Chapo & Small Rain Music is a musical project created in 2003 by the Breton Patrice Elegoet. It is based on the use of old musical toys which ranks it in the category of "toy music". The musician indeed collects all types of toys, about 400, which can be used for the composition of his childish and melancholy music: bells, pianos Michel-sonne, music mills, musical saw, etc ...


Toy music is a musical style that can be found in the early eighteenth century but actually made its appearance in the 60s and 70s. The use of the toy as a full-fledged instrument brings a whole new array of new sounds and musical combinations and offers on stage a colorful show.


In June 2009, Chapi Chapo & the small rain music adapted his music to the stage and surround himself with musicians. In their two "Little Toy Factory" and "PoPoPolska" film concerts, musical toys give life to the heroes of Polish animated films and offer a real show where images and music meet to give life to a universe. poetic. This form of show, which allows the youngest spectators an introduction to the 7th art also pleases the greatest who can take full measure of the talent of these atypical artists and their musical toys.

Popopolska In China

Jun  01, 2016   Shenzhen Concert Hall

Aug 18, 2017   Qingdao Grand Theatre, Qingdao

Aug 19, 2017   Beijing Concert Hall, Beijing

Aug 20, 2017   Xi'an Concert Hall, Xi'an

Aug 25, 2017   Nanjing Arts Center, Nanjing

Aug 26, 2017   Nanjing Arts Center, Nanjing

Aug 27, 2017   Ningbo Culture & Arts Center, Ningbo

Sep 01, 2017   Performing Atrs Grand Theater, Guangzhou

Sep 02, 2017   Nanshan Arts Center, Shenzhen

Sep 03 ,2017   Shangcha Youth Theater, Changsha

Oct 20, 2018   Xinjiang Arts Theater, Urumqi

Oct 21, 2018   Xinjiang Arts Theater, Urumqi

Feb 07, 2019  Jiangsu Grand Theater, Nanjing

Feb 08, 2019  Jiangsu Grand Theater, Nanjing

Feb 09, 2019  Jiangsu Grand Theater, Nanjing

Feb 10, 2019  Jiangsu Grand Theater, Nanjing

Upcoming Tour (August  2019)

Nantong, Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Tianjin, Dalian, Chendu, Changsha, Wuhan 

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